Aggressive Panhandler

Nov 04

Potential Hookup Ends in Stolen iPod -

A story of young love gone awry in the neighborhood: The Examiner reports one 21-year-old man attempted to bring home a new ladyfriend after chatting her up near Divis and McAllister on…

Jan 13



Jan 04

The Exasperated Sigh Heard ‘Round the Neighborhood -

I mean, already? Really?


Nov 21

Park Better, Neighbors -

Neighborhood reader Jeremy submitted some street poetry he spotted at Central and Fulton:

Share the Street Douchebag!”

It’s kind of lovely,…

Nov 20

Salsa Watch: Papalote Salsa Arrives in Stores Tuesday -

Yesterday, despite being a simple jar of spicy tomato sauce, Papalote Salsa managed to tweet an update to the salsa news that captivated a city of Foodies back in late August:


Nov 19

Your New Lazer* Kitten Desktop Background -

Yesterday’s Lazer* Kitten Murals were a huge internet hit, apparently. In fact I’ve had a few requests for large resolution versions of the photo suitable for use as a desktop background. This site,…

Nov 17

Better Photo, Lazer Kittens.

Better Photo, Lazer Kittens.

Art in Progress: Adorable New Mural Going Up at the Harding Theater -

Behold: A kitten shoots at the San Francisco skyline with lazer eyes or possibly spotlights while another kitten pounces on a multi-colored dragonfly and a third kitten peeks out from…

Nov 07

Meet Your Alamo Square Neighbors at Madrone Tomorrow Night -

From the amazing wire service known as “the Facebook” comes this invite to meet your Alamo Square-area neighbors at a Drinks Around Alamo Square Event on Tuesday, November 9th. The event…

Oct 24

Neighborhood Reaction to the Giants in the World Series -

Jon here says, “I want to be blogged.” Luckily, he’s a 5 year resident of the neighborhood so, here you go: the neighborhood’s reaction to a Giants win and a trip to the World…